Small Acreage Landowners

Biosecurity for Birds
Raising backyard poultry is a growing trend across the United States.  It is very important for all backyard poultry owners to know the signs of two deadly poultry diseases, as well as the basic “biosecurity” steps you can take to protect your birds.  APHIS runs the Biosecurity for Birds campaign to help raise awareness among backyard, hobby and pet bird owners.
Block and Tub Supplements for cattle
Block supplements are a convenient mechanism for delivering supplemental nutrients to grazing beef cattle. As the labels on most blocks or tubs state, they are meant to be used as supplements, not feeds.
Brush Busters
The Brush Busters website will give you advise in controlling: Mesquite, Cedar, Huisache, Macartney Rose, Pricklypear, Saltcedar, Tallowtrees and Yucca.
Forage Livestock Disorders
This link discusses Forage Livestock Disorders such as Prussic Acid, Nitrate Poisoning etc.
How to Beat Mesquite
Livestock for Small Acreage Landowners
Because livestock enterprises depend upon forage, the most critical decision you may make is the appropriate stocking rate for your land.
Procedure for taking Soil Samples
Soil Sample forms and Procedures
Small Acreage Online Courses
The Small Scale Web-Based Program is targeted for small scale farmer/ranchers in need of agricultural courses to address some of the most common small scale enterprises and problems.
The Urban Rancher
This Extension web site addresses topics farmers, ranchers and small acreage landowners.

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