Small Acreage Landowner

Bird Health Awareness – Virulent Newcastle Disease

Armyworm Fact Sheet

Chemical Weed and Brush Control

Herbicides Labeled for Pasture Use

Livestock Guardian Dogs

Suggestions for Weed Control in Pastures and Forages

Controlling Field Sandbur (Grassbur) in Turfgrass
Field sandbur (grassbur) is a summer annual grassy weed that can be found in home lawns, sports fields, parks and along roadsides.

Controlling Pocket Gopher Damage
Gophers can cause serious damage when they establish tunnel systems in cultivated farming areas, rangelands, orchards, tree farms and lawns.

Electric Fencing
Electric fencing also allows for temporary fencing to subdivide pastures, which can increase the stocking rate and forage utilization and decrease parasite problems through rotational grazing.

How They Work and the Symptoms They Cause

Rangeland Herbicide Chart
This is a chart of Rangeland Herbicide.

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