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A monthly podcast about all things horticulture in Lubbock, TX. Tune in for some plant nerd fun with Texas A&M AgriLife County Extension Horticulture Agent, Christina Reid, and her expert friends!

03/21/2021 Episode 0 – Hub City Horticulture Intro  (Facebook Link)

Hello and welcome to the Hub City Horticulture podcast! A monthly podcast about all things horticulture in Lubbock, Texas

04/01/2021 Episode 1 – Growing Together Texas  (BUZZSPROUT LINK)

Guest Dr. Jessica Tullar Caroon



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Soil Testing – Go Here First – Website Soil Testing Form and Sending Samples

Texas SmartScape

www.txsmartscape.com SmartScape utilizes xeriscape principals native and adapted plants and trees to create landscapes that need less water, pesticides, and fetilizer. Information on over 200 plants, shrubs and trees that thrive in North Central Texas.

Texas Superstar

www.texassuperstar.com Lubbock is Zone 7a. Plants for Zone 8 & 9 will grow in Lubbock, however, they may not over winter.


http://aggie-horticulture.tamu.edu/extension/xeriscape/xeriscape.html Outstanding landscape plants for Texas Xeriscapes.

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